Holly Harte & Jenna Love


You, Me


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Holly Harte GFE
Holly Harte & Jenna Love


You, Me


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Holly Harte GFE

I love to bang hotties.
The more the merrier!

Whether you wish to have two babes absolutely overwhelm you and leave you gasping for air, or you prefer to watch us tease and tantalise each other from every angle, you’re in for a fantastic time with me and my friends.

A few of my favourite people to get naughty with are listed below. This list is definitely not exhaustive, if you want to book me with a worker that isn’t listed below, let me know. I love meeting new lovers!

Please note that the generally accepted etiquette for doubles booking rates is to match the rate of the lower charging provider to that of the higher charging provider for the service.

i.e. If one provider charges $600 per hour and the other charges $500 per hour, the fee for a one hour session with both is $1200.

Some exceptions apply and the final rate depends on the particular services booked.  I’m happy to clarify upon enquiry.


This firecracker is as big in energy as she is tiny in stature. One of Canberra’s top experts in intimacy and kink. When we get together we are delightfully wicked and the air is charged with sexual energy. Find out for yourself!



Confident, sultry, and bold, Danika is an expert at seduction. With her striking eyes and vibrant personality, she will make you weak at the knees. She’s just as comfortable being an affectionate and gentle lover as she is at dominating. Surrender yourself to us.


Bethany Bliss
Warm and vibrant, Bethany is a breath of fresh air. She glows from the inside with passion and genuine enthusiasm. You can’t help but smile when in her presence. You’ll feel enamoured as we lose ourselves in you and each other.


When they tour CBR

My work wife Jenna, where do I begin? Jenna is the sun to my moon, the gravy to my chips, the Scully to my Mulder. We have natural chemistry and you’ll be in awe of the sense of connection you feel when sharing intimate space with us. You will love the physical acts, the banter and shenanigans, and hate how fast time moves in our presence. Yes, it’s really that good.

1h double from $1100


Kate is strikingly beautiful, charming and erudite. We have a soul bond that feels easy and sure. When together we share genuine passion and heat, both physically and conversationally. You will be transported to a hedonistic paradise you’ll reminisce upon for years to come.

1h double from $1200